Your Requirements

Communication skills in foreign languages are a key requirement for professional success.

If you are a manager, top executive, entrepreneur or a person of public interest in the scientific, economic and/or political sector:

Does your job include frequent intra- and intercultural business exchanges?

Does the cooperation with international business partners form an essential part of your job?

Does your daily business require a representative performance in public?

Then it is imperative for you to display the following key competencies:

  • Efficiency (time, context and structure)
  • Representative linguistic and communicative expertise
  • Contextually relevant and appropriate body language
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Situation- and topic-relevancy
  • Target group specific performance
  • Dynamic and confident appearance
  • Situation and personality dependent presentation, argumentation and negotiation strategies
  • Appropriate intonation and pronunciation skills
  • Linguistically suitable and accurate business correspondence

Are profound foreign language skills in these key competencies absolutely indispensable for your career and professional success?

And are they important in particular because they are closely linked to establishing, maintaining and expanding business relationships within the scientific, economic and political sector?

Do you need comprehensive assistance in promptly transforming your business-related and subject-specific contents into one of the provided foreign languages?

In this case it would be a pleasure for us to professionally advise, accompany and support you with a profound linguistic, communicative and scientific know-how in your ambition to acquire, develop, modify and optimize these competencies and skills in German, Spanish or English.

Our Services

We offer creative, innovative, success-oriented concepts in German, Spanish and English, perfectly tailored to your individual needs and including the following topics and areas among others:

  • Individual, job-specific language coaching
  • Communication and conversation training
  • Intercultural communication and consulting
  • Development and training of individual presentation, argumentation and negotiation strategies
  • Intonation and pronunciation training
  • Conceptualization of business correspondence, public discourse and speeches
  • Revision and proofreading of texts, PowerPoint presentations and public speeches
  • Topic- and structure-specific conceptualization of public presentations, lectures, performances, appointments, speeches and events
  • General and technical translations

Does this list lack a particular aspect you are specifically interested in?

In this case you are most welcome to contact us as well …

… and we will develop a coaching/consulting/communication concept tailored to your professional needs in one of the three languages German, Spanish or English. For we can only improve ourselves and make progress if we are amenable to innovative suggestions and ideas as well as to new challenges.

All coaching/consulting/communication offers are realized in a familiar and customized business environment.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

Don’t hesitate: Go LANG-CO!